New Zealand Postal Codes Starting with letter 'L'

Road NameNo RangeSuburbTown/CityPost Code
Ladies Mile 90 - 188 Ellerslie Auckland1051
Ladies Mile 4 - 92 Remuera Auckland1050
Lake Panorama Dr 1 - 89 Henderson Auckland0612
Lake Panorama Dr 88 - 115 Henderson Valley Auckland0614
Lake Rd 77 - 535 Belmont Auckland0622
Lake Rd 1 - 92 Devonport Auckland0624
Leith Way N/A Rothesay Bay Auckland0630
Leixlep Lane N/A East Tamaki Auckland2013
Lema Pl N/A Clover Park Auckland2023
Lemington Rd N/A Westmere Auckland1022
Lemnos Pl N/A Titirangi Auckland0604
Lemon Grove Lane N/A Greenhithe Auckland0632
Lemonwood Pl N/A The Gardens Auckland2105
Len Garlick Pl N/A Pahurehure Papakura2113
Lendenfeld Dr N/A Papatoetoe Auckland2025
Lendic Ave N/A Henderson Auckland0612
Leneford Dr N/A East Tamaki Auckland2013
Lenihan St N/A Northcote Auckland0627
Lenore Rd N/A Favona Auckland2024
Leo St N/A Glen Eden Auckland0602
Leon Leicester Ave N/A Mount Wellington Auckland1060
Leonard Isitt Dr N/A Auckland Airport Auckland2022
Leonard Pl N/A Otara Auckland2023
Leonard Rd N/A Mount Wellington Auckland1060
Leone Tce N/A Mount Albert Auckland1025
Lesa Annis Pl N/A Henderson Auckland0612
Leslie Ave N/A Sandringham Auckland1025
Leslie Pl N/A Otara Auckland2023
Letterkenny Pl N/A Blockhouse Bay Auckland0600
Levaut Pl N/A Half Moon Bay Auckland2012
Leveloff Rd N/A Paremoremo Auckland0632
Leven Lane N/A Totara Heights Auckland2105
Levene Pl N/A Mount Wellington Auckland1060
Levesque St N/A Birkdale Auckland0626
Levonia St N/A Western Springs Auckland1022
Levy Rd N/A Glen Eden Auckland0602
Lewin Rd N/A Epsom Auckland1023
Lewis Rd N/A Pakuranga Auckland2010
Lewis St N/A Blockhouse Bay Auckland0600
Lewisham St N/A Highland Park Auckland2010
Lex Ave N/A Green Bay Auckland0604
Lexington Dr N/A Botany Downs Auckland2010
Leybourne Cir N/A Glen Innes Auckland1072
Leys Cres N/A Remuera Auckland1050
Leyton Way N/A Manukau Auckland2104
Liam Pl N/A Half Moon Bay Auckland2012
Liberty Cres N/A Beachlands Auckland2018
Libnai Ave N/A Clover Park Auckland2023
Libra St N/A Glen Eden Auckland0602
Library Lane N/A Albany Auckland0632
Lichfield Rd N/A Parnell Auckland1052
Lidcombe Pl N/A Avondale Auckland1026
Liddell St N/A Hillcrest Auckland0627
Liffey Dr N/A East Tamaki Auckland2013
Lifford Pl N/A Mount Roskill Auckland1041
Lilac Grv N/A Hillsborough Auckland1042
Lilburn Cres N/A Massey Auckland0614
Liley Pl N/A Remuera Auckland1050
Lilford Pl N/A Half Moon Bay Auckland2012
Lili Chen Way N/A Mangere Bridge Auckland2022
Lilian Pl N/A Farm Cove Auckland2012
Lillington Rd N/A Remuera Auckland1050
Lilybank Cres N/A East Tamaki Auckland2013
Limeburners Cl N/A Hobsonville Auckland0618
Limerick Pl N/A Dannemora Auckland2016
Limmer Pl N/A Browns Bay Auckland0632
Limond St N/A Randwick Park Auckland2105
Lincoln Cl N/A Northcross Auckland0630
Lincoln Garden Cl N/A Henderson Auckland0610
Lincoln Park Ave N/A Massey Auckland0614
Lincoln Rd N/A Henderson Auckland0610
Lincoln Rd N/A Manurewa East Auckland2102
Lincoln St N/A Ponsonby Auckland1021
Linda Pl N/A Otara Auckland2023
Linden St N/A Mount Roskill Auckland1041
Lindis Pl N/A Mangere Bridge Auckland2022
Lindsay Pl N/A Hillsborough Auckland1042
Line Rd N/A Glen Innes Auckland1072
Lingarth St N/A Remuera Auckland1050
Lingfield St N/A Glenfield Auckland0629
Lingham Cres N/A Torbay Auckland0630
Linicro Pl N/A Wattle Downs Auckland2103
Link Cres N/A Arkles Bay Whangaparaoa0932
Link Dr N/A Wairau Valley Auckland0627
Links Rd N/A New Lynn Auckland0600
Linley Pl N/A Hillcrest Auckland0627
Linnet Pl N/A Mangere East Auckland2024
Lintaine Pl N/A Glen Innes Auckland1072
Linthorpe Cres N/A Glen Innes Auckland1072
Linwood Ave N/A Forrest Hill Auckland0620
Linwood Ave N/A Mount Albert Auckland1025
Lion Pl N/A Epsom Auckland1023
Lippiatt Rd N/A Otahuhu Auckland1062
Lipscombe Ave N/A Papatoetoe Auckland2025
Lipton Grv N/A Opaheke Papakura2113
Lisa Rise N/A Half Moon Bay Auckland2012
Lisa-Marie Crt N/A Flat Bush Auckland2016
Lisburn Ave N/A Glendowie Auckland1071
Liscooly Pl N/A Flat Bush Auckland2016
Lismore Pl N/A Papatoetoe Auckland2025
Lismore Way N/A Oteha Auckland0632
Lisnoe Ave N/A Mount Eden Auckland1024
Lissleton Dr N/A East Tamaki Auckland2013
Listack Dr N/A Flat Bush Auckland2016
Lister St N/A Point Chevalier Auckland1022
Liston Cres N/A Cockle Bay Auckland2014
Liston St N/A Northcote Auckland0627
Litten Rd N/A Cockle Bay Auckland2014
Little Barrier Ave N/A Manly Whangaparaoa0930
Littlejohn St N/A Hillsborough Auckland1042
Liverpool St N/A Auckland Central Auckland1010
Liverpool St N/A Epsom Auckland1023
Living Stream Rd N/A Albany Heights Auckland0632
Livingstone St N/A Milford Auckland0620
Livingstone St N/A Westmere Auckland1022
Lizzie Lane N/A Clover Park Auckland2023
Lloyd Ave N/A Mount Albert Auckland1025
Lloyd Ave N/A Papatoetoe Auckland2025
Lobelia Rise N/A Goodwood Heights Auckland2105
Locarno Ave N/A Sandringham Auckland1025
Loch St N/A Remuera Auckland1050
Lochend Pl N/A Highland Park Auckland2010
Lochiel Rd N/A Remuera Auckland1050
Lochinver Rd N/A Papatoetoe Auckland2025
Locke Ave N/A Mount Roskill Auckland1041
Locket Rd N/A Glenfield Auckland0629
Lockhart Pl N/A Mount Wellington Auckland1060
Lockington Ave N/A Henderson Auckland0612
Lodge Lane N/A Sunnyhills Auckland2010
Loft Pl N/A N/A Kumeu0810
Logan Lane N/A Stanmore Bay Whangaparaoa0932
Logan Tce N/A Parnell Auckland1052
Lolim Pl N/A Favona Auckland2024
Loloma Dr N/A Half Moon Bay Auckland2012
Lomas Pl N/A Manurewa Auckland2102
Lomas Way N/A Albany Auckland0632
Lombard St N/A St Heliers Auckland1071
Lombardia Way N/A Karaka Papakura2113
Lomeer Way N/A Beachlands Auckland2018
Lomond St N/A Takapuna Auckland0622
London St N/A Saint Marys Bay Auckland1011
London St N/A Te Atatu Peninsula Auckland0610
Lone Tree Ave N/A Te Atatu Peninsula Auckland0610
Lonely Track Rd 2 - 261 Fairview Heights Auckland0632
Longford St N/A Mount Wellington Auckland1060
Longreach Dr N/A Sunnyvale Auckland0612
Longview Rise N/A Massey Auckland0614
Longwood Pl N/A Forrest Hill Auckland0620
Lonsdale St N/A Ellerslie Auckland1051
Lookout Dr N/A Laingholm Auckland0604
Lorelei Pl N/A Opaheke Papakura2113
Lorena Pl N/A West Harbour Auckland0618
Loreto Hts N/A Remuera Auckland1050
Lori Pl N/A Massey Auckland0614
Lorien Pl N/A East Tamaki Auckland2013
Lorikeet Pl N/A Unsworth Heights Auckland0632
Lorne St N/A Auckland Central Auckland1010
Lorraine Ave N/A Mount Albert Auckland1025
Lothian Brae N/A Wattle Downs Auckland2103
Lotus Lane N/A Mangere East Auckland2024
Lough Derg Pl N/A Pinehill Auckland0632
Loughanure Pl N/A Massey Auckland0614
Loughinisland Pl N/A Weymouth Auckland2103
Loughros Pl N/A Pinehill Auckland0632
Louis Braille Lane N/A Flat Bush Auckland2016
Louise Pl N/A Browns Bay Auckland0630
Louise Pl N/A West Harbour Auckland0618
Louvain Ave N/A Mount Roskill Auckland1041
Louvain Pl N/A Greenhithe Auckland0632
Lovegrove Cres N/A Otara Auckland2023
Lovell Crt N/A Rosedale Auckland0632
Lovelock Ave N/A Mount Eden Auckland1024
Lowburn Pl N/A Clover Park Auckland2023
Lowe St N/A Belmont Auckland0622
Lowell Pl N/A Massey Auckland0614
Lower Municipal Pl N/A Onehunga Auckland1061
Lowery Ave N/A Mount Roskill Auckland1041
Lowtherhurst Rd N/A Massey Auckland0614
Luana Way N/A Bucklands Beach Auckland2014
Luanda Dr N/A Ranui Auckland0612
Lucas Pl N/A Weymouth Auckland2103
Lucas Way N/A Albany Auckland0632
Lucca Cres N/A Flat Bush Auckland2016
Lucerne Rd N/A Remuera Auckland1050
Lucia Gld N/A Meadowbank Auckland1072
Lucienne Dr N/A Ranui Auckland0612
Lucinda Pl N/A Glen Eden Auckland0602
Luckens Rd N/A West Harbour Auckland0618
Lucknow Pl N/A Blockhouse Bay Auckland0600
Ludlow Tce N/A Totara Vale Auckland0627
Luke Pl N/A Eastern Beach Auckland2012
Luke Pl N/A Otara Auckland2023
Luke St N/A Otahuhu Auckland1062
Lumino Lane N/A Henderson Auckland0612
Luna Pl N/A Henderson Auckland0612
Lunn Ave N/A Mount Wellington Auckland1072
Lupetti Rise N/A West Harbour Auckland0618
Luplau Cres N/A Cockle Bay Auckland2014
Lupton Rd N/A Manurewa Auckland2102
Lurgan Dr N/A East Tamaki Auckland2013
Lurline Ave N/A Epsom Auckland1023
Lush Ave N/A Saint Johns Auckland1072
Lushington Pl N/A Huntington Park Auckland2013
Lutana Pl N/A Burswood Auckland2013
Luton Ave N/A Sunnyhills Auckland2010
Luxor Pl N/A Massey Auckland0614
Lydford Pl N/A Glendene Auckland0602
Lydia Ave N/A Northcote Auckland0627
Lyell Crt N/A Clover Park Auckland2023
Lyford Cres N/A Sunnynook Auckland0620
Lympne Lane N/A Mangere Auckland2022
Lynbrooke Ave N/A Blockhouse Bay Auckland0600
Lynch St N/A Point Chevalier Auckland1022
Lyncroft St N/A Mangere East Auckland2024
Lyndale Pl N/A Glen Innes Auckland1072
Lynden Ave N/A Hillcrest Auckland0627
Lyndhurst Rd N/A Te Atatu South Auckland0610
Lyndhurst St N/A Glen Innes Auckland1072
Lyndon Pl N/A Manurewa Auckland2102
Lynette Pl N/A Mangere Auckland2022
Lynfield Pl N/A Mount Roskill Auckland1041
Lynley Pl N/A Pakuranga Heights Auckland2010
Lynmore Dr N/A Manurewa Auckland2102
Lynn Pl N/A Otara Auckland2023
Lynn Rd N/A Bayview Auckland0629
Lynngate Pl N/A Hillcrest Auckland0627
Lynton Rd N/A Bucklands Beach Auckland2012
Lynton Rd N/A Mount Wellington Auckland1060
Lynwood Rd N/A New Lynn Auckland0600
Lyon Ave N/A Mount Albert Auckland1025
Lyons Ave N/A Murrays Bay Auckland0630
Lyren Pl N/A Half Moon Bay Auckland2012
Lysander Cres N/A Beach Haven Auckland0626
Lytham Lane N/A Mangere East Auckland2024
Lyttelton Ave N/A Forrest Hill Auckland0620
Lytton St N/A Devonport Auckland0624
La Colina Pl N/A Bethlehem Tauranga3110
La Cuesta Cl N/A Bethlehem Tauranga3110
La Cumbre Cl N/A Bethlehem Tauranga3110
La Sendero Way N/A Bethlehem Tauranga3110
La Trobe Pl N/A Utuhina Rotorua3015
Laburnum Gln N/A N/A Mount Maunganui3116
Lachlan Ave N/A N/A Mount Maunganui3116
Ladera Mews N/A Bethlehem Tauranga3110
Lagoon Pl N/A Poike Tauranga3112
Laguna Key N/A Papamoa Beach Papamoa3118
Laing Pl N/A Otumoetai Tauranga3110
Lakes Blvd N/A Pyes Pa Tauranga3112
Lakeview Pl N/A N/A Whakatane3120
Lakeview Qy N/A Pyes Pa Tauranga3112
Lambeth Tce N/A N/A Mount Maunganui3116
Lamia Grv N/A Papamoa Beach Papamoa3118
Lanark Pl N/A Bethlehem Tauranga3110
Lancewood Crt N/A Hairini Tauranga3112
Lancewood Pl N/A Owhata Rotorua3010
Landing Dr N/A Pyes Pa Tauranga3112
Landing Rd N/A N/A Whakatane3120
Landscape Dr N/A Ngongotaha Rotorua3010
Landscape Rd N/A Otumoetai Tauranga3110
Landscape Rd N/A N/A Te Puke3119
Landscape Rd N/A Coastlands Whakatane3120
Landview Rd N/A Parkvale Tauranga3112
Landward Cl N/A N/A Ohope3121
Langdon Way N/A Welcome Bay Tauranga3112
Langstone St N/A Welcome Bay Tauranga3112
Lansdowne Rd N/A N/A Katikati3129
Lantana Pl N/A N/A Mount Maunganui3116
Lanyard St N/A Pyes Pa Tauranga3112
Larch St N/A Victoria Rotorua3010
Larcy Rd N/A Lynmore Rotorua3010
Larisa Grv N/A Papamoa Beach Papamoa3118
Lark Pl N/A Welcome Bay Tauranga3112
Lasenby St N/A Fordlands Rotorua3015
Lasiandra Pl N/A N/A Mount Maunganui3116
Laura Ave N/A Ohauiti Tauranga3112
Laurence St N/A Gate Pa Tauranga3112
Lavender Pl N/A Papamoa Beach Papamoa3118
Lawson Pl N/A Hairini Tauranga3112
Leander St N/A N/A Mount Maunganui3116
Lebanon St N/A Judea Tauranga3110
Lee Rd N/A Hannahs Bay Rotorua3010
Lee St N/A N/A Mount Maunganui3116
Lee St N/A N/A Te Puke3119
Lees Way N/A Otumoetai Tauranga3110
Leinster Ave N/A N/A Mount Maunganui3116
Leith Rd N/A Owhata Rotorua3010
Lemon Grove Ave N/A Otumoetai Tauranga3110
Lenihan Dr N/A N/A Te Puke3119
Leo Pl N/A Kawaha Point Rotorua3010
Leo St N/A N/A Waihi Beach3611
Leonard Pl N/A Gate Pa Tauranga3112
Leonard Rd N/A Ngongotaha Rotorua3010
Les Martin Dr N/A N/A Kawerau3127
Leslie Ave N/A Western Heights Rotorua3015
Leven Cl N/A Bethlehem Tauranga3110
Levers Rd N/A Matua Tauranga3110
Levley Lane N/A N/A Katikati3129
Lewis Rd N/A Lynmore Rotorua3010
Liane Pl N/A Mangakakahi Rotorua3015
Libra Pl N/A Kawaha Point Rotorua3010
Lichfield Grv N/A Bethlehem Tauranga3110
Liddon Cv N/A N/A Ohope3121
Liftan Pl N/A N/A Mount Maunganui3116
Lightheart St N/A Glenholme Rotorua3010
Lilac Pl N/A Otumoetai Tauranga3110
Lincoln Tce N/A Gate Pa Tauranga3112
Linden Pl N/A Matipo Heights Rotorua3015
Lindis Lane N/A Bethlehem Tauranga3110
Link Rd N/A Lynmore Rotorua3010
Linklater Ave N/A Bellevue Tauranga3110
Links Ave N/A N/A Mount Maunganui3116
Linley Tce N/A Judea Tauranga3110
Linton Cres N/A Matua Tauranga3110
Lisa Cres N/A Mangakakahi Rotorua3015
Lisa Pl N/A Brookfield Tauranga3110
Lisbon St N/A Greerton Tauranga3112
Little John Dr N/A Bellevue Tauranga3110
Liverpool St N/A N/A Kawerau3127
Lloyd St N/A Parkvale Tauranga3112
Lobelia Tce N/A Hairini Tauranga3112
Lochay Pl N/A Pyes Pa Tauranga3112
Lochinvar Pl N/A Hairini Tauranga3112
Lodge Ave N/A N/A Mount Maunganui3116
Logan Rd N/A Papamoa Beach Papamoa3118
Logan St N/A Fairy Springs Rotorua3015
Lomond Crt N/A Pyes Pa Tauranga3112
London Pl N/A Judea Tauranga3110
Longboard Dr N/A N/A Waihi Beach3611
Longmynd Dr N/A N/A Katikati3129
Longstead Ave N/A Papamoa Beach Papamoa3118
Longview Dr N/A Papamoa Beach Papamoa3118
Longwood Lane N/A Otumoetai Tauranga3110
Lord Cobham Ave N/A N/A Whakatane3120
Lorna Pl N/A Brookfield Tauranga3110
Lorrigan Way N/A Welcome Bay Tauranga3112
Lotus Ave N/A N/A Mount Maunganui3116
Louis Pl N/A Hillcrest Rotorua3015
Louise Dr N/A Ohauiti Tauranga3112
Louvain St N/A N/A Whakatane3120
Lovelock Crt N/A N/A Whakatane3120
Lovelock St N/A N/A Whakatane3120
Lucas Pl N/A Fenton Park Rotorua3010
Lucerne Pl N/A Welcome Bay Tauranga3112
Luculia Dr N/A N/A Mount Maunganui3116
Ludlow Pl N/A N/A Katikati3129
Luke Pl N/A Fairy Springs Rotorua3015
Luke St N/A Brookfield Tauranga3110
Lumsden St N/A Greerton Tauranga3112
Luxor Pl N/A Pomare Rotorua3015
Lydbrook Pl N/A Otumoetai Tauranga3110
Lyn Grv N/A Papamoa Beach Papamoa3118
Lynbert Rd N/A Lynmore Rotorua3010
Lynley Park Dr N/A N/A Omokoroa3114
Lynmore Ave N/A Lynmore Rotorua3010
Lynwood Pl N/A Owhata Rotorua3010
Lynwood Pl N/A Brookfield Tauranga3110
Lysaght Pl N/A Welcome Bay Tauranga3112
Lytton St N/A Glenholme Rotorua3010
L A Pl N/A N/A Greymouth7805
La Costa Lane N/A Mount Pleasant Christchurch8081
La Mar Lane N/A Sumner Christchurch8081
La Perouse Pl N/A Northcote Christchurch8052
Lacebark Lane N/A Northcote Christchurch8052
Lachlan Pl N/A Marchwiel Timaru7910
Lachlan St N/A N/A Temuka7920
Lacy Gate Pl N/A N/A Woodend7610
Ladbrokes Pl N/A Fendalton Christchurch8052
Lady Nugent Lane N/A Halswell Christchurch8025
Lady Polson Lane N/A Cashmere Christchurch8022
Lagan St N/A Belfast Christchurch8051
Lagmhor Rd N/A Tinwald Ashburton7700
Laguna Gdns N/A Shirley Christchurch8052
Laing Cres N/A Heathcote Valley Christchurch8022
Lake Kaniere Rd N/A Blue Spur Hokitika7811
Lake Terrace Rd 1 - 144 Burwood Christchurch8061
Lake Terrace Rd 148 - 327 Shirley Christchurch8061
Lakeland Ave N/A N/A Twizel7901
Lakeview Pl N/A Halswell Christchurch8025
Lakewood Dr N/A Burwood Christchurch8083
Lakewood Lane N/A N/A Hanmer Springs7334
Lambeth Cres 6 - 34 Northcote Christchurch8052
Lambeth Cres 31 - 62 Redwood Christchurch8051
Lamorna Rd N/A Parklands Christchurch8083
Lampard St N/A N/A Methven7730
Lancaster St N/A Waltham Christchurch8011
Lancaster St N/A N/A Geraldine7930
Lancewood Dr N/A Halswell Christchurch8025
Landor Cmn N/A N/A Rolleston7614
Landscape Lane N/A Middleton Christchurch8024
Landsdowne Tce N/A Cashmere Christchurch8022
Landy St N/A Dallington Christchurch8061
Lane St N/A Allenton Ashburton7700
Lane St N/A Woolston Christchurch8023
Langdale Pl N/A Sumner Christchurch8081
Langdons Rd 131 - 196 Northcote Christchurch8052
Langdons Rd 9 - 129 Papanui Christchurch8053
Langes Rd N/A Marshland Christchurch8051
Langham Pl N/A Redwood Christchurch8051
Langley Pl N/A Belfast Christchurch8051
Langlois Lane N/A N/A Akaroa7520
Langstone Lane N/A Northcote Christchurch8052
Lansbury Ave N/A Strowan Christchurch8052
Lantern Lane N/A Halswell Christchurch8025
Lapwing Lane N/A Mount Pleasant Christchurch8081
Laramie Pl N/A Broomfield Christchurch8042
Larch Pl N/A Casebrook Christchurch8051
Larchwood Lane N/A Parklands Christchurch8083
Larkhill Pl N/A Russley Christchurch8042
Larnach St N/A Waimairi Beach Christchurch8083
Larne Pl N/A Belfast Christchurch8051
Larsen St N/A N/A Westport7825
Larsens Rd N/A Halswell Christchurch8025
Lascelles St N/A Saint Martins Christchurch8022
Lassiter Grn N/A Northwood Christchurch8051
Latimer Sq N/A Christchurch Central Christchurch8011
Latter St N/A N/A Timaru7910
Laughton St N/A Washdyke Timaru7910
Laura Kent Pl N/A Woolston Christchurch8023
Laurel Lane N/A Linwood Christchurch8011
Laurel Lane N/A N/A Kaiapoi7630
Laurence St N/A Waltham Christchurch8011
Lavandula Cres N/A Burnside Christchurch8042
Lavender Lane N/A Hornby Christchurch8042
Law Lane N/A Mount Pleasant Christchurch8081
Lawry Pl N/A N/A Prebbleton7604
Lawson St N/A Sydenham Christchurch8023
Le Cascina Lane N/A Riccarton Christchurch8011
Le Cren St N/A Seaview Timaru7910
Le Fleming St N/A N/A Darfield7510
Le Roi Way N/A Harewood Christchurch8051
Leabridge Mews N/A Harewood Christchurch8051
Leacroft St N/A Bishopdale Christchurch8053
Leamington St N/A Addington Christchurch8024
Leamington St N/A N/A Hanmer Springs7334
Leander St N/A Northcote Christchurch8052
Leaver Tce N/A North New Brighton Christchurch8083
Leckie St N/A Redruth Timaru7910
Leda Pl N/A North New Brighton Christchurch8083
Ledger Lane N/A Mount Pleasant Christchurch8081
Lee St N/A N/A Southbridge7602
Leech Pl N/A N/A Rangiora7400
Leeds St N/A Phillipstown Christchurch8011
Leeman Pl N/A Redwood Christchurch8051
Lees Rd N/A Strowan Christchurch8052
Leeston And Lake Rd 5 - 67 N/A Leeston7632
Leeston Dunsandel Rd 1 - 21 N/A Leeston7632
Leeston Rd 1 - 49 N/A Springston7616
Leeston St N/A Hampstead Ashburton7700
Leicester Cres N/A Hoon Hay Christchurch8025
Leighton Pl N/A Redwood Christchurch8051
Leinster Rd N/A Strowan Christchurch8014
Leinster Tce N/A N/A Lincoln7608
Leistrella Rd N/A Hoon Hay Christchurch8025
Leitch St N/A Somerfield Christchurch8024
Leith Cres N/A N/A Greymouth7805
Leith Pl N/A Spreydon Christchurch8024
Len Hale Pl N/A Parklands Christchurch8083
Lenton St N/A Aranui Christchurch8061
Leo St N/A Bishopdale Christchurch8051
Leonard Pl N/A Saint Martins Christchurch8022
Leonard St N/A N/A Greymouth7805
Leonard St N/A N/A Waimate7924
Leonie Pl N/A Aranui Christchurch8061
Leslie Hills Dr N/A Riccarton Christchurch8011
Leslie St N/A Upper Riccarton Christchurch8041
Leslie St N/A N/A Waiau7332
Lester Lane N/A Addington Christchurch8011
Leven St N/A Marchwiel Timaru7910
Levens Lane N/A N/A Temuka7920
Leverett Pl N/A North New Brighton Christchurch8083
Levi Rd 146 - 160 N/A Rolleston7614
Levin Rd N/A N/A Cheviot7310
Levin St N/A N/A Cheviot7310
Levinge Lane N/A Middleton Christchurch8024
Lewis St N/A Hoon Hay Christchurch8025
Lewis St N/A N/A Geraldine7930
Lewisham Pk N/A Saint Albans Christchurch8052
Lexington Pl N/A Shirley Christchurch8061
Leyden St N/A Phillipstown Christchurch8011
Libeau Lane N/A N/A Akaroa7520
Lichfield St N/A Christchurch Central Christchurch8011
Liffey Pl N/A N/A Lincoln7608
Liffeyfields Dr N/A N/A Lincoln7608
Liggins St N/A Burwood Christchurch8061
Lighthouse Rd N/A N/A Akaroa7520
Lightning Cl N/A Hornby Christchurch8042
Lilley Pl N/A N/A Methven7730
Lillian St N/A Halswell Christchurch8025
Limburg Lane N/A Spreydon Christchurch8024
Lime Tree Lane N/A Harewood Christchurch8051
Limes Ave N/A Parklands Christchurch8083
Lincoln Lane N/A Addington Christchurch8011
Lincoln Rd 361 - 410 Addington Christchurch8011
Lincoln Rd 1 - 376 Addington Christchurch8024
Lincoln St N/A Marchwiel Timaru7910
Linden Grove Ave N/A Middleton Christchurch8024
Lindis Cres N/A N/A Otematata9412
Lindis Lane N/A New Brighton Christchurch8083
Lindon St N/A N/A Rangiora7400
Lindores St N/A Addington Christchurch8024
Lindsay Dr N/A N/A Prebbleton7604
Lindsay St N/A Saint Albans Christchurch8014
Lindsay St N/A Marchwiel Timaru7910
Lindum Pl N/A N/A Lincoln7608
Lindus St N/A Highfield Timaru7910
Line Rd 10 - 34 N/A Methven7730
Lineside Rd 5 - 5 N/A Kaiapoi7630
Lineside Rd 600 - 702 N/A Rangiora7400
Lingard St N/A Saint Albans Christchurch8052
Lingrins Tce N/A N/A Blackball7804
Link Rd N/A Kainga Christchurch8083
Linkwater Way N/A Parklands Christchurch8083
Linwood Ave 244 - 518 Bromley Christchurch8062
Linwood Ave 2 - 241 Linwood Christchurch8011
Lionel St N/A Avonside Christchurch8061
Lisava Ave N/A Seaview Timaru7910
Lismore St N/A Waltham Christchurch8011
Litchfield St N/A Kaiata Greymouth7805
Little Oaks Dr N/A Yaldhurst Christchurch8042
Littles Dr N/A N/A Waikari7420
Littles Lane N/A N/A Woodend7610
Liverpool St N/A Christchurch Central Christchurch8011
Liverpool St N/A N/A Kurow9435
Liverton Cres N/A Bishopdale Christchurch8053
Livingstone St N/A Phillipstown Christchurch8011
Livingstone St N/A N/A Hokitika7810
Livingstone St N/A West End Timaru7910
Lloyd St N/A Strowan Christchurch8052
Locarno St N/A Opawa Christchurch8023
Lochee Rd N/A Upper Riccarton Christchurch8041
Lochhead Cres N/A N/A Methven7730
Lochiel Dr N/A N/A Hanmer Springs7334
Lochmore St N/A Bishopdale Christchurch8051
Lock Cres N/A Hillsborough Christchurch8022
Locksley Ave N/A Dallington Christchurch8061
Lodge Pl N/A Ilam Christchurch8041
Loftus St N/A Papanui Christchurch8053
Logan Cl N/A N/A Prebbleton7604
Logie Pl N/A Bromley Christchurch8062
Logistics Dr N/A Harewood Christchurch8051
Lois Pl N/A Richmond Christchurch8013
Lomax Pl N/A Islington Christchurch8042
Lombard Pl N/A Avonhead Christchurch8042
Lombard St N/A N/A Greymouth7805
Lomond Pl N/A Woolston Christchurch8062
London St N/A Richmond Christchurch8013
London St N/A N/A Lyttelton8082
Long St N/A Woolston Christchurch8023
Longden St N/A N/A Darfield7510
Longfellow St N/A Sydenham Christchurch8023
Longhurst Tce N/A Cashmere Christchurch8022
Longley Pl N/A Addington Christchurch8024
Longmuir St N/A Ilam Christchurch8041
Longridge Dr N/A Mount Pleasant Christchurch8081
Longspur Ave N/A Halswell Christchurch8025
Longview Pl N/A Burwood Christchurch8083
Lonsdale St N/A New Brighton Christchurch8083
Lookaway Lane N/A Huntsbury Christchurch8022
Lookaway Pl N/A Huntsbury Christchurch8022
Lookers On Lane N/A N/A Kaikoura7300
Lord St N/A N/A Greymouth7805
Lordship Pl N/A Templeton Christchurch8042
Loreto Pl N/A Hornby Christchurch8042
Loris Pl N/A Karoro Greymouth7805
Lorna Lane N/A Brooklands Christchurch8083
Lothian St N/A Ilam Christchurch8041
Lough St N/A West End Timaru7910
Loughton St N/A Burwood Christchurch8083
Louisa Chandler Lane N/A Linwood Christchurch8011
Louisson Pl N/A Opawa Christchurch8023
Lovelock St N/A Dallington Christchurch8061
Lowe Pl N/A N/A Rangiora7400
Lowe St N/A Addington Christchurch8011
Lower Camside Rd N/A N/A Kaiapoi7630
Lower Flat Rd N/A N/A Waiau7332
Lower Styx Rd N/A Brooklands Christchurch8083
Lower Ward St N/A N/A Kaikoura7300
Lowes Rd N/A N/A Rolleston7614
Lowick Ave N/A Cashmere Christchurch8022
Lowry Ave N/A Redwood Christchurch8051
Lowry St N/A N/A Waiau7332
Lowther St N/A Sockburn Christchurch8042
Lucas Lane N/A Hillsborough Christchurch8022
Lucas Lane N/A N/A Hanmer Springs7334
Lucas St N/A N/A Reefton7830
Lucienne Pl N/A Hillsborough Christchurch8022
Lucknow Pl N/A Cashmere Christchurch8022
Ludecke Pl N/A Sockburn Christchurch8042
Ludhiana St N/A Casebrook Christchurch8051
Ludlow Lane N/A N/A Rangiora7400
Ludlow Pl N/A Parklands Christchurch8083
Ludstone Rd 1 - 115 N/A Kaikoura7300
Luff Pl N/A N/A Westport7825
Lulworth Lane N/A Westmorland Christchurch8025
Lunns Rd N/A Middleton Christchurch8024
Lupins Lane N/A Bromley Christchurch8062
Lusk Pl N/A Shirley Christchurch8013
Lutheran Cl N/A Burwood Christchurch8083
Luxmoore Rd N/A Marchwiel Timaru7910
Luxton Pl N/A Mount Pleasant Christchurch8081
Luxton Pl N/A N/A Rangiora7400
Lyall Pl N/A Bryndwr Christchurch8053
Lyall Tce N/A N/A Temuka7920
Lychgate Cl N/A Linwood Christchurch8011
Lydbury Pl N/A Parklands Christchurch8083
Lydia St N/A Northcote Christchurch8052
Lydia St N/A N/A Greymouth7805
Lyn Christie Pl N/A Wainoni Christchurch8061
Lynch St N/A Cobden Greymouth7802
Lyndhurst Cres N/A Aranui Christchurch8061
Lyndhurst St N/A N/A Westport7825
Lyndon St 1 - 23 Riccarton Christchurch8011
Lyndon St 25 - 55 Riccarton Christchurch8041
Lyndon St N/A N/A Waiau7332
Lynfield Ave N/A Ilam Christchurch8041
Lynn Pl N/A Mairehau Christchurch8013
Lysaght St N/A Highfield Timaru7910
Lytham Grn N/A Shirley Christchurch8061
Lyttelton St N/A Spreydon Christchurch8024
Lyttelton St N/A N/A Lincoln7608
Lyttelton St N/A N/A Westport7825
Ladywood Rd N/A Bay View Napier4104
Lahore St N/A N/A Wairoa4108
Laing Cv N/A N/A Havelock North4130
Lake St N/A N/A Takapau4203
Lake View Rd N/A N/A Waipukurau4200
Lakeview Tce N/A Taradale Napier4112
Lamason St N/A Greenmeadows Napier4112
Lamb Tce N/A Onekawa Napier4110
Lambton Rd N/A Hospital Hill Napier4110
Lanark Cres N/A Tamatea Napier4112
Lanark Pl N/A Tamatea Napier4112
Lancaster St N/A Tamatea Napier4112
Lander Pl N/A Flaxmere Hastings4120
Lander St N/A Flaxmere Hastings4120
Lane Rd N/A N/A Havelock North4130
Lane St N/A Mahora Hastings4120
Lannie Pl N/A Greenmeadows Napier4112
Lardon Pl N/A Frimley Hastings4120
Lascelles St N/A Saint Leonards Hastings4120
Latham St N/A Marewa Napier4110
Latham Stubbs Cres N/A N/A Waipawa4210
Laurent Pl N/A Greenmeadows Napier4112
Law St N/A Wainui Gisborne4010
Lawrence Pl N/A Outer Kaiti Gisborne4010
Lawrence Rd N/A Hospital Hill Napier4110
Lawrence St N/A Outer Kaiti Gisborne4010
Lawrence St N/A Akina Hastings4122
Lawrence St N/A N/A Otane4202
Laws Pl N/A Pirimai Napier4112
Le Quesne Rd N/A Bay View Napier4104
Lee Rd N/A Taradale Napier4112
Leeds Pl N/A Tamatea Napier4112
Leeton Dr N/A N/A Waipukurau4200
Legorne Lane N/A N/A Havelock North4130
Leicester Ave N/A Tamatea Napier4112
Leith St N/A N/A Gisborne4010
Len Davis Tce N/A Pirimai Napier4112
Lennon Grv N/A N/A Havelock North4130
Leo St N/A Akina Hastings4122
Leon St N/A Riverdale Gisborne4010
Lerwick St N/A Tamatea Napier4112
Lever St N/A Ahuriri Napier4110
Lewis St N/A Kaiti Gisborne4010
Lewis Way N/A Poraiti Napier4112
Leyland Rd N/A N/A Te Awanga4102
Leyland St N/A Onekawa Napier4110
Library Rd N/A N/A Te Karaka4022
Lichfield Cres N/A Tamatea Napier4112
Lighthouse Rd N/A Bluff Hill Napier4110
Limbrick St N/A N/A Waipawa4210
Lincoln Rd N/A Bluff Hill Napier4110
Lindis Pl N/A Poraiti Napier4112
Lindsay St N/A N/A Havelock North4130
Lion St N/A N/A Wairoa4108
Lipscombe Cres N/A N/A Havelock North4130
Lipton Pl N/A Onekawa Napier4110
Lister Cres N/A Maraenui Napier4110
Lister Pl N/A Outer Kaiti Gisborne4010
Lister Pl N/A Maraenui Napier4110
Little Burke St N/A Hospital Hill Napier4110
Liverpool Cres N/A Flaxmere Hastings4120
Liverpool Cres N/A Tamatea Napier4112
Livingstone Rd N/A Flaxmere Hastings4120
Lloyd George Rd N/A Wainui Gisborne4010
Locke St N/A N/A Wairoa4108
Lockwood Pt N/A N/A Wairoa4108
Lodge Rd N/A Maraenui Napier4110
Logan Ave N/A Marewa Napier4110
Loisel St N/A Riverdale Gisborne4010
Lomond Pl N/A Tamatea Napier4112
London Pl N/A Tamatea Napier4112
London St N/A Kaiti Gisborne4010
Longfellow Ave N/A Maraenui Napier4110
Lorne Cres N/A Flaxmere Hastings4120
Lorne Pl N/A Flaxmere Hastings4120
Lorraine St N/A Outer Kaiti Gisborne4010
Louie St N/A Parkvale Hastings4122
Lovat St N/A N/A Havelock North4130
Lovedale Rd N/A Saint Leonards Hastings4120
Lowe St N/A N/A Gisborne4010
Lowe St N/A Camberley Hastings4120
Lowndes Pl N/A Taradale Napier4112
Lowry Pl N/A Frimley Hastings4120
Lowry Tce N/A Marewa Napier4110
Lowther Pl N/A Taradale Napier4112
Lucknow Rd N/A N/A Havelock North4130
Lucknow St N/A N/A Wairoa4108
Lucknow Tce N/A Hospital Hill Napier4110
Lucy Rd N/A Bluff Hill Napier4110
Lumsden Pl N/A Akina Hastings4122
Lumsden Rd N/A Akina Hastings4122
Lyell Rd N/A Outer Kaiti Gisborne4010
Lyell St N/A Akina Hastings4122
Lyndhurst Rd N/A Frimley Hastings4120
Lyndhurst St N/A Awapuni Gisborne4010
Lyndon Rd N/A N/A Hastings4122
Lysnar St N/A Okitu Gisborne4010
Lyttelton Cres N/A Tamatea Napier4112
Lytton Rd N/A Elgin Gisborne4010
Ladbrook Lane N/A N/A Richmond7020
Lake Cres N/A N/A Takaka7110
Lakings Rd N/A Springlands Blenheim7201
Lammas St N/A N/A Richmond7020
Lancewood Way N/A The Wood Nelson7010
Landau Pl N/A Redwoodtown Blenheim7201
Lane St N/A Islington Blenheim7201
Langbein St N/A Stoke Nelson7011
Langford Dr N/A N/A Mapua7005
Lansdowne St N/A Mayfield Blenheim7201
Larges Lane N/A The Brook Nelson7010
Lassen Pl N/A Stoke Nelson7011
Laura Lane N/A N/A Brightwater7022
Lauria Way N/A Maitai Nelson7010
Laval Hts N/A Washington Valley Nelson7010
Lawrence Pl N/A N/A Blenheim7201
Lawrence St N/A N/A Havelock7100
Leach Pl N/A Enner Glynn Nelson7011
Leader Way N/A Atawhai Nelson7010
Ledbury Rd N/A Atawhai Nelson7010
Ledger Ave N/A N/A Motueka7120
Ledger Cl N/A N/A Richmond7020
Ledger Rd N/A Atawhai Nelson7010
Lee St N/A N/A Blenheim7201
Leefield St N/A N/A Blenheim7201
Leicester St N/A Stoke Nelson7011
Leicester St N/A N/A Picton7220
Leitrim St N/A Redwoodtown Blenheim7201
Lemari Ave N/A Stoke Nelson7011
Lester Pl N/A Witherlea Blenheim7201
Lewis St N/A Redwoodtown Blenheim7201
Lichfield St N/A Stoke Nelson7011
Lincoln St N/A Stoke Nelson7011
Lincoln St N/A N/A Picton7220
Linden Crt N/A N/A Richmond7020
Lingfield Pl N/A N/A Richmond7020
Linton St N/A Mayfield Blenheim7201
Lionel Pl N/A N/A Mapua7005
Litchfield St N/A Redwoodtown Blenheim7201
Liverpool Tce N/A Stoke Nelson7011
Livingstone Pl N/A Springlands Blenheim7201
Lobank Pl N/A N/A Richmond7020
Locking St N/A Nelson South Nelson7010
Locking Tce N/A Nelson South Nelson7010
Lodestone Rd N/A N/A Richmond7020
Logan Pl N/A N/A Blenheim7201
London Qy N/A N/A Picton7220
Longfields Rd N/A N/A Brightwater7022
Lord Auckland Rd N/A N/A Wakefield7025
Lord Rutherford Rd N/A N/A Brightwater7022
Lorimer Lane N/A N/A Richmond7020
Louisson Ave N/A Stoke Nelson7011
Low St N/A Port Nelson Nelson7010
Lowe St N/A N/A Motueka7120
Lower Queen St 321 - 452 N/A Richmond7020
Lower Wairau Rd N/A Grovetown Blenheim7202
Lowry St N/A N/A Richmond7020
Lucas St N/A Riversdale Blenheim7201
Lucas Tce N/A Stepneyville Nelson7010
Lucy Murcott Pl N/A Stoke Nelson7011
Lusty Pl N/A Stoke Nelson7011
Lybster St N/A N/A Blenheim7201
Lynley Cres N/A N/A Blenheim7201
Lynwood Tce N/A Bishopdale Nelson7010
Lake Ora Rd N/A N/A Kamo0112
Lake Rd N/A N/A Kaitaia0410
Lanark Rd N/A N/A Kerikeri0230
Lancaster Pl N/A Raumanga Whangarei0110
Lancewood Rise N/A Onerahi Whangarei0110
Landing Rd 1 - 186 N/A Kerikeri0230
Lanyard Pl N/A N/A One Tree Point0118
Le Ruez Pl N/A Maunu Whangarei0110
Leaity St N/A N/A Moerewa0211
Leith St N/A Morningside Whangarei0110
Leonard Pl N/A Onerahi Whangarei0110
Leonard St N/A N/A Kawakawa0210
Leslie Rd N/A N/A Cable Bay0420
Leslie St N/A N/A Mangawhai0505
Lester Heights Dr N/A Woodhill Whangarei0110
Lewis St N/A N/A Kamo0112
Lichfield Pl N/A Raumanga Whangarei0110
Lilian St N/A N/A Kamo0112
Limeburners St N/A Morningside Whangarei0110
Limestone Pl N/A Raumanga Whangarei0110
Lincoln Pl N/A N/A Kamo0112
Lincoln St N/A Mangawhai Heads Mangawhai0505
Little Queen St N/A N/A Russell0202
Liverpool St N/A N/A Dargaville0310
Lochiel Pl N/A N/A Kamo0112
Lockesley Pl N/A Onerahi Whangarei0110
Lockheed Pl N/A Onerahi Whangarei0110
Logan Pl N/A N/A Kamo0112
Logan St N/A N/A Dargaville0310
Loke Cres N/A N/A Coopers Beach0420
Long Beach Rd N/A N/A Russell0202
Longview St N/A N/A Mangawhai0505
Lori Lane N/A N/A Coopers Beach0420
Lorne St N/A N/A Dargaville0310
Louisa Lane N/A N/A Kamo0112
Lovatt Cres N/A Kensington Whangarei0112
Lowburn Ave N/A N/A Waipu0510
Lower Tarewa Rd N/A N/A Whangarei0110
Lucas Rd N/A N/A Moerewa0211
Lupton Ave N/A Kensington Whangarei0112
Lyon St N/A N/A Opua0200
Lachlan Ave N/A North Dunedin Dunedin9016
Lagan St N/A N/A Bluff9814
Lagoon Ave N/A Albert Town Wanaka9305
Laing St N/A Caversham Dunedin9012
Laing St N/A N/A Mosgiel9024
Laing St N/A N/A Port Chalmers9023
Lake Ave N/A Frankton Queenstown9300
Lake Esp N/A N/A Queenstown9300
Lake St N/A Clifton Invercargill9812
Lake St N/A N/A Queenstown9300
Lakefront Dr N/A N/A Te Anau9600
Lakeside Rd N/A N/A Wanaka9305
Lakeview Tce N/A N/A Cromwell9310
Lambert St N/A Abbotsford Dunedin9018
Lamond St N/A Hargest Invercargill9810
Lamont Tce N/A N/A Nightcaps9630
Lanark St N/A N/A Balclutha9230
Lanark St N/A N/A Mosgiel9024
Lancaster St N/A N/A Hampden9410
Lancaster St N/A Kingswell Invercargill9812
Lancaster St N/A N/A Lawrence9532
Lancefield St N/A Balaclava Dunedin9011
Lancewood Lane N/A N/A Queenstown9300
Landreth St N/A Portobello Dunedin9014
Lanes Rd N/A Bridge Hill Alexandra9320
Langham Tce N/A North East Valley Dunedin9010
Lansdown St N/A N/A Wanaka9305
Lansdowne Cres N/A N/A Riverton9822
Lansdowne St N/A Strathern Invercargill9812
Lantern Way N/A N/A Clyde9330
Larch Cres N/A N/A Alexandra9320
Larch Crt N/A Kelvin Heights Queenstown9300
Larch Hill Pl N/A N/A Queenstown9300
Larch Pl N/A N/A Wanaka9305
Lardner Rd N/A Tisbury Invercargill9812
Largo Ave N/A South Dunedin Dunedin9012
Largo St N/A Oamaru North Oamaru9400
Largs St N/A N/A Wallacetown9816
Lark St N/A N/A Oamaru9400
Larkins St N/A Helensburgh Dunedin9010
Larkworthy St N/A Saint Kilda Dunedin9012
Larnach Rd N/A Waverley Dunedin9013
Latham Lane N/A East Gore Gore9710
Lauder Cres N/A Heidelberg Invercargill9812
Lauder Pl N/A Heidelberg Invercargill9812
Lauder St N/A Company Bay Dunedin9014
Launceston Pl N/A N/A Ranfurly9332
Laura St N/A N/A Lumsden9730
Laurie St N/A Mornington Dunedin9011
Lauriston St N/A Andersons Bay Dunedin9013
Law St N/A Caversham Dunedin9012
Lawrence St N/A Mornington Dunedin9011
Lawrence St N/A East Gore Gore9710
Lawson Burrows Cres N/A N/A Te Anau9600
Lawson St N/A Roslyn Dunedin9011
Layard St N/A Windsor Invercargill9810
Lazar St N/A North East Valley Dunedin9010
Lea St N/A Oamaru North Oamaru9400
Leader St N/A N/A Riverton9822
Leary St N/A Kenmure Dunedin9011
Leckhampton Crt N/A Clyde Hill Dunedin9011
Lee St N/A N/A Bluff9814
Leeds Lane N/A N/A Queenstown9300
Lees St N/A Dunedin Central Dunedin9016
Lees St N/A Gladstone Invercargill9810
Leet St N/A N/A Invercargill9810
Leicester St N/A North East Valley Dunedin9010
Leicester St N/A N/A Hampden9410
Leith St N/A North Dunedin Dunedin9016
Leith St N/A Windsor Invercargill9810
Leith St N/A Kinmont Park Mosgiel9024
Leith St N/A Oamaru North Oamaru9400
Leith Valley Rd N/A Leith Valley Dunedin9010
Leithbank N/A North Dunedin Dunedin9016
Leithen St N/A N/A Nightcaps9630
Leitholm Pl N/A N/A Roxburgh9500
Leithton Cl N/A Glenleith Dunedin9010
Leitrum St N/A N/A Cromwell9310
Leman St N/A N/A Milton9220
Lennox St N/A North East Valley Dunedin9010
Lennox St N/A N/A Gore9710
Lesney St N/A Maryhill Dunedin9011
Lethaby St N/A Abbotsford Dunedin9018
Level St N/A N/A Lumsden9730
Leven St N/A Roslyn Dunedin9010
Leven St N/A N/A Invercargill9810
Leven St N/A South Hill Oamaru9400
Lewin St N/A N/A Balclutha9230
Lewis Rd N/A Kelvin Heights Queenstown9300
Lewis St N/A N/A Gore9710
Lewis St N/A Gladstone Invercargill9810
Lex St N/A N/A Riverton9822
Leyden Tce N/A Andersons Bay Dunedin9013
Liddel St N/A West Invercargill Invercargill9810
Liddle St N/A N/A Roxburgh9500
Liemen St N/A N/A Otautau9610
Liffey St N/A N/A Bluff9814
Liffey St N/A Avenal Invercargill9810
Lime St N/A Newfield Invercargill9812
Limerick Lane N/A N/A Queenstown9300
Limerick St N/A N/A Alexandra9320
Lincoln St N/A Halfway Bush Dunedin9010
Lincoln St N/A N/A Hampden9410
Lincoln St N/A N/A Tapanui9522
Lincoln Tce N/A N/A Balclutha9230
Lindisfarne St 9 - 28 Georgetown Invercargill9812
Lindisfarne St 30 - 230 Richmond Invercargill9810
Lindsay Pl N/A N/A Wanaka9305
Lindsay Rd N/A Caversham Dunedin9011
Lindsay St N/A N/A Winton9720
Link Way N/A N/A Wanaka9305
Linrosa Pl N/A N/A Cromwell9310
Lionel St N/A N/A Riverton9822
Lisburn Ave N/A Caversham Dunedin9012
Lisburn St N/A N/A Milton9220
Lismore Lane N/A Kaikorai Dunedin9010
Lismore St N/A N/A Lawrence9532
Lismore St N/A Oamaru North Oamaru9400
Lismore St N/A N/A Wanaka9305
Lithgow Pl N/A Glengarry Invercargill9810
Lithgow St N/A Glengarry Invercargill9810
Little Oak Cmn N/A N/A Wanaka9305
Little Park Lane N/A N/A Te Anau9600
Little St N/A N/A Wanaka9305
Littlebourne Rd N/A Roslyn Dunedin9010
Liverpool St N/A Dunedin Central Dunedin9016
Liverpool St N/A N/A Hampden9410
Liverpool Way N/A N/A Wanaka9305
Lixmont St N/A Bradford Dunedin9011
Lochend St N/A Musselburgh Dunedin9013
Lochnagar Dr N/A Lake Hayes Estate Queenstown9304
Lochy Rd N/A Fernhill Queenstown9300
Lock St N/A Saint Clair Dunedin9012
Lock St N/A N/A Gore9710
Lock St N/A Kingswell Invercargill9812
Lockerbie St N/A Kew Dunedin9012
Lockerbie St N/A Turnbull Thomson Park Invercargill9810
Lodge St N/A N/A Mataura9712
Logan Park Dr N/A North Dunedin Dunedin9016
Logie St N/A North East Valley Dunedin9010
Lombardy St N/A Ocean Grove Dunedin9013
Lomond Cres N/A N/A Queenstown9300
Lomond Pl N/A N/A Mosgiel9024
Lomond St N/A Caversham Dunedin9012
London Lane N/A N/A Queenstown9300
London St N/A Dunedin Central Dunedin9016
London St N/A N/A Hampden9410
London St N/A Weston Oamaru9401
Longwood Ave N/A Mornington Dunedin9011
Longwood Dr N/A N/A Winton9720
Longwood Pl N/A N/A Queenstown9300
Longworth St N/A North East Valley Dunedin9010
Lonsdale St N/A Belleknowes Dunedin9011
Lonsdale Tce N/A Belleknowes Dunedin9011
Lookout Dr N/A Little Valley Alexandra9320
Loom St N/A Kaikorai Dunedin9010
Loop Rd N/A Kawarau Falls Queenstown9300
Lordens Pl N/A Fernhill Queenstown9300
Lorn St N/A Glengarry Invercargill9810
Lorn St N/A N/A Mataura9712
Lorne St N/A South Dunedin Dunedin9012
Lorne St N/A N/A Mosgiel9024
Lothian Cres N/A Strathern Invercargill9812
Lothian St N/A Maori Hill Dunedin9010
Loudon St N/A Green Island Dunedin9018
Louisa St N/A Gladstone Invercargill9810
Loval Pl N/A Oamaru North Oamaru9400
Lovelock Ave N/A North Dunedin Dunedin9016
Low St N/A N/A Clinton9534
Lowe St N/A Liberton Dunedin9010
Lowe St N/A Avenal Invercargill9810
Lowestoft St N/A N/A Balclutha9230
Lowther St N/A Oamaru North Oamaru9400
Loyalty St N/A Forbury Dunedin9012
Lucan St N/A North East Valley Dunedin9010
Lucas Pl N/A Frankton Queenstown9300
Lucknow St N/A N/A Riverton9822
Lucys Way N/A N/A Wanaka9305
Luke St N/A Ocean Grove Dunedin9013
Luna Pl N/A Lake Hayes Estate Queenstown9304
Luna St N/A N/A Lumsden9730
Lundie St N/A Kaikorai Dunedin9010
Lune St N/A Hawthorndale Invercargill9810
Lune St N/A South Hill Oamaru9400
Luss Rd N/A Company Bay Dunedin9014
Luxmore Dr N/A N/A Te Anau9600
Lydia St N/A N/A Lumsden9730
Lynas St N/A N/A Outram9019
Lyne St N/A N/A Gore9710
Lyne St N/A N/A Nightcaps9630
Lynn St N/A Wakari Dunedin9010
Lynn St N/A Oamaru North Oamaru9400
Lynwood Ave N/A Maori Hill Dunedin9010
Lyon St N/A Glengarry Invercargill9810
La Lena Grv N/A Fitzherbert Palmerston North4410
La Salle Dr N/A Westown New Plymouth4310
Ladys Mile N/A N/A Eltham4322
Ladys Mile N/A N/A Foxton4814
Laird St N/A Castlecliff Wanganui4501
Lairdvale Rd N/A N/A Taumarunui3920
Lakemba Mews N/A Terrace End Palmerston North4410
Lakewood Grv N/A N/A Levin5510
Lambert St N/A N/A Marton4710
Lambton Tce N/A Welbourn New Plymouth4312
Lancaster St N/A N/A Levin5510
Lancaster St N/A Highbury Palmerston North4412
Lancewood Lane N/A Roslyn Palmerston North4414
Lancewood Pl N/A Otamatea Wanganui4500
Landau Crt N/A N/A Ashhurst4810
Landguard Rd N/A Wanganui Airport Wanganui4501
Lane Pl N/A Awapuni Palmerston North4412
Langley Ave N/A Milson Palmerston North4414
Langston Ave N/A N/A Palmerston North4414
Lantana Ave N/A Bell Block New Plymouth4312
Lark St N/A N/A Taihape4720
Larsen Crt N/A Roslyn Palmerston North4414
Larsen Pl N/A Merrilands New Plymouth4312
Laurel Pl N/A Awapuni Palmerston North4412
Laurent Vc St N/A N/A Hawera4610
Lavender Lane N/A Highbury Palmerston North4412
Lawry St N/A Blagdon New Plymouth4310
Lawson St N/A N/A Pahiatua4910
Layard St N/A N/A Opunake4616
Leach St 5 - 102 N/A New Plymouth4310
Leach St 99 - 140 N/A New Plymouth4312
Leamington St N/A Castlecliff Wanganui4501
Leander Pl N/A Milson Palmerston North4414
Lear St N/A N/A Stratford4332
Leatham Ave N/A Strandon New Plymouth4312
Lee St N/A N/A Ohakune4625
Lee St N/A Castlecliff Wanganui4501
Leeds St N/A Milson Palmerston North4414
Leese St N/A N/A Taumarunui3920
Leicester St N/A Terrace End Palmerston North4410
Leicester St N/A N/A Patea4520
Leigh Pl N/A Awapuni Palmerston North4412
Lemon St 1 - 90 N/A New Plymouth4310
Lemon St 91 - 174 N/A New Plymouth4312
Lemont Pl N/A Westown New Plymouth4310
Lena Pl N/A N/A Foxton4814
Lenihan St N/A Wanganui East Wanganui4500
Lennox Pl N/A N/A Feilding4702
Leon Pl N/A N/A Waitara4320
Leslie Ave N/A Cloverlea Palmerston North4412
Leslie St N/A N/A Waitara4320
Lethbridge St N/A N/A Feilding4702
Lewis Ave N/A Aramoho Wanganui4500
Lewis Pl N/A Highbury Palmerston North4412
Liardet St N/A N/A New Plymouth4310
Liberty Grv N/A Kelvin Grove Palmerston North4414
Liddell St N/A N/A Foxton4814
Liffiton St 1 - 52 Gonville Wanganui4500
Liffiton St 29 - 43 Gonville Wanganui4501
Lifford Pl N/A Awapuni Palmerston North4412
Lilac Lane N/A Highbury Palmerston North4412
Limbrick St N/A Terrace End Palmerston North4410
Lincoln Pl N/A N/A Levin5510
Lincoln Rd N/A Springvale Wanganui4501
Lincoln St N/A N/A Ashhurst4810
Lincoln St N/A N/A Patea4520
Lincoln Tce N/A Hokowhitu Palmerston North4410
Linda Pl N/A Saint Johns Hill Wanganui4501
Linda St N/A N/A Oakura4314
Lindaver Grv N/A Merrilands New Plymouth4312
Lindsay Rd N/A N/A Levin5510
Lindsey Cres N/A Springvale Wanganui4501
Linklater Ave N/A Foxton Beach Foxton4815
Links Dr N/A Waiwhakaiho New Plymouth4312
Linley Pl N/A N/A Levin5510
Linmor Pl N/A Terrace End Palmerston North4410
Linnet St N/A N/A Taihape4720
Linton St N/A West End Palmerston North4410
Lismore St N/A Strandon New Plymouth4312
List St N/A Welbourn New Plymouth4310
Lithgow Dr N/A Otamatea Wanganui4500
Little Rd N/A N/A Taumarunui3920
Liverpool St N/A N/A Levin5510
Liverpool St N/A Takaro Palmerston North4412
Liverpool St N/A N/A Wanganui4500
Livingstone St N/A N/A Dannevirke4930
Loader Pl N/A Tawhero Wanganui4501
Lockhart Ave N/A Milson Palmerston North4414
Logan Grv N/A N/A Feilding4702
Logan Pl N/A Kelvin Grove Palmerston North4414
Logan Vws N/A Kelvin Grove Palmerston North4414
Logan Way N/A Kelvin Grove Palmerston North4414
Lombard St N/A N/A Palmerston North4410
Lombardy Pl N/A Whalers Gate New Plymouth4310
London St N/A N/A Dannevirke4930
London St N/A N/A Eltham4322
London St 1 - 231 N/A Wanganui4500
London St 134 - 264 Tawhero Wanganui4501
London Tce N/A Welbourn New Plymouth4312
London Tce N/A Awapuni Palmerston North4412
Long Melford Rd N/A Awapuni Palmerston North4412
Long Pl N/A Frankleigh Park New Plymouth4310
Longbeach Dr N/A Castlecliff Wanganui4501
Longfellow Rd N/A N/A Opunake4616
Longview Dr N/A Merrilands New Plymouth4312
Lookout Rd N/A N/A Taihape4720
Lorna St N/A Lynmouth New Plymouth4310
Lourie Way N/A Fitzherbert Palmerston North4410
Low Ave N/A Foxton Beach Foxton4815
Lower Beaven St N/A N/A Marton4710
Lower High St N/A N/A Marton4710
Lowestoft Pl N/A West End Palmerston North4412
Lowther St N/A N/A Wanganui4500
Lucknow St N/A Aramoho Wanganui4500
Ludlow Pl N/A Bell Block New Plymouth4312
Lupton St N/A N/A Waverley4510
Luton St N/A Hokowhitu Palmerston North4410
Lydford Pl N/A Spotswood New Plymouth4310
Lydia Pl N/A Kelvin Grove Palmerston North4414
Lyn St N/A Lynmouth New Plymouth4310
Lynch Grv N/A N/A Levin5510
Lyndale Pl N/A Kelvin Grove Palmerston North4414
Lyndhurst St N/A Takaro Palmerston North4412
Lynmouth Hts N/A Lynmouth New Plymouth4310
Lynton St N/A Upper Vogeltown New Plymouth4310
Lyon St N/A N/A Marton4710
Lysander St N/A N/A Stratford4332
Lytton St N/A N/A Feilding4702
Lachlan Dr N/A Dinsdale Hamilton3204
Lafferty St N/A Maeroa Hamilton3200
Laird Pl N/A N/A Te Awamutu3800
Lake Cres N/A Hamilton Lake Hamilton3204
Lake Domain Dr N/A Frankton Hamilton3204
Lake Rd N/A Frankton Hamilton3204
Lake Rd N/A N/A Mangakino3421
Lake St N/A N/A Cambridge3434
Lake Tce N/A N/A Taupo3330
Lakeridge Cl N/A Rangatira Park Taupo3330
Lakeview Tce N/A N/A Huntly3700
Lakewood Dr N/A Nukuhau Taupo3330
Lamb St 149 - 287 Leamington Cambridge3432
Lambert St N/A N/A Thames3500
Lambert St N/A N/A Waihi3610
Lambton St N/A N/A Ngaruawahia3720
Lamont St N/A Chartwell Hamilton3210
Lanark St N/A N/A Tokoroa3420
Lancaster Cres N/A N/A Tokoroa3420
Lancaster St N/A Dinsdale Hamilton3204
Lancewood Ave N/A Melville Hamilton3206
Lancewood Crt N/A N/A Matamata3400
Lancewood Crt N/A N/A Thames3500
Landel Pl N/A N/A Whitianga3510
Landell Pl N/A Harrowfield Hamilton3210
Landmark Crt N/A Huntington Hamilton3210
Landor Way N/A Enderley Hamilton3214
Landscape Lane N/A N/A Te Awamutu3800
Langdale Crt N/A Huntington Hamilton3210
Langdon Lane N/A Melville Hamilton3206
Langley Pl N/A N/A Raglan3225
Lansbury Crt N/A Rototuna North Hamilton3210
Lansdowne Cres N/A Glenview Hamilton3206
Lapwood Rd N/A N/A Tuakau2121
Larchwood Grv N/A Rangatira Park Taupo3330
Larnach St N/A Saint Andrews Hamilton3200
Latham Crt N/A Frankton Hamilton3204
Latta Pl N/A N/A Ngaruawahia3720
Laughton St N/A N/A Taupo3330
Laura Pl N/A N/A Whitianga3510
Laurence St N/A Queenwood Hamilton3210
Laurenson Dr N/A N/A Matamata3400
Laurie Lane N/A N/A Thames3500
Laurie St N/A N/A Te Awamutu3800
Lauriston St N/A N/A Tokoroa3420
Lavenham Pl N/A Rototuna North Hamilton3210
Lawlor St N/A N/A Te Kuiti3910
Lawrence Ave N/A N/A Te Aroha3320
Lawrence Rd N/A N/A Waihi3610
Lawrence St N/A N/A Otorohanga3900
Lawrence St N/A N/A Te Kuiti3910
Laycock Rd N/A N/A Tairua3508
Le Quesne Pl N/A Fairfield Hamilton3214
Le Quesnoy Pl N/A N/A Cambridge3434
Leamington Mews N/A Leamington Cambridge3432
Leander Pl N/A Flagstaff Hamilton3210
Lear St N/A N/A Morrinsville3300
Leather St N/A N/A Huntly3700
Lee Ave N/A N/A Paeroa3600
Lee Pl N/A Bader Hamilton3206
Lee St N/A N/A Whitianga3510
Leeds St N/A Silverdale Hamilton3216
Leeward Dr N/A N/A Whitianga3510
Leith Pl N/A N/A Tokoroa3420
Leith St N/A N/A Te Awamutu3800
Lemon St N/A Frankton Hamilton3204
Leonard Pl N/A Dinsdale Hamilton3204
Leonard St N/A N/A Ngatea3503
Leong Ave N/A Dinsdale Hamilton3204
Leslie Pl N/A Deanwell Hamilton3206
Leslie St N/A N/A Taupo3330
Leslie St N/A Kihikihi Te Awamutu3800
Lethborg St N/A Dinsdale Hamilton3204
Lewis St N/A Glenview Hamilton3206
Lewis St N/A N/A Paeroa3600
Leyton Pl N/A Nawton Hamilton3200
Libby Cres N/A N/A Cambridge3434
Liberton Pl N/A N/A Tokoroa3420
Lickfold Lane N/A Pukete Hamilton3200
Lignite St N/A N/A Huntly3700
Lilac Cl N/A N/A Cambridge3434
Lilac St N/A Melville Hamilton3206
Lili Rd N/A N/A Tuakau2121
Lillis Lane N/A N/A Coromandel3506
Lily St N/A N/A Raglan3225
Limber Hl N/A Flagstaff Hamilton3210
Limerick Lane N/A Huntington Hamilton3210
Limestone Cres N/A N/A Te Kauwhata3710
Limestone Dr N/A N/A Otorohanga3900
Limousin Pl N/A Grandview Heights Hamilton3200
Lincoln St N/A Frankton Hamilton3204
Lincoln St N/A N/A Morrinsville3300
Lindale St N/A N/A Morrinsville3300
Linden St N/A N/A Morrinsville3300
Linden St N/A Kihikihi Te Awamutu3800
Lindsay Cres N/A Nawton Hamilton3200
Lingfield St N/A N/A Tokoroa3420
Link Rd N/A N/A Turangi3334
Link Rd N/A N/A Waharoa3401
Links Rd N/A N/A Morrinsville3300
Linthorpe Pl N/A Hillcrest Hamilton3216
Linton Pl N/A N/A Tokoroa3420
Lipsey St N/A N/A Te Aroha3320
Liston Ave N/A Hilltop Taupo3330
Liston Cres N/A Hillcrest Hamilton3216
Little George Pl N/A N/A Whitianga3510
Little London Lane N/A Hamilton Central Hamilton3204
Little St N/A N/A Tirau3410
Littler Pl N/A Hamilton East Hamilton3216
Liverpool St N/A Hamilton Central Hamilton3204
Liverpool St N/A N/A Te Kuiti3910
Liverpool St N/A N/A Tuakau2121
Livingstone Ave N/A Nawton Hamilton3200
Livingstone Brothers Lane N/A N/A Te Awamutu3800
Lloyd Dr N/A Nawton Hamilton3200
Lochaber Dr N/A Nukuhau Taupo3330
Lochinver Dr N/A Nawton Hamilton3200
Lochmaben Rd N/A N/A Tokoroa3420
Lockhart Pl N/A Rototuna Hamilton3210
Locksley Lane N/A Hamilton East Hamilton3216
Logan Ave N/A Wharewaka Taupo3330
Logan Crt N/A Chartwell Hamilton3210
Logan Pl N/A N/A Thames3500
Logan Rd N/A N/A Paeroa3600
Logan St N/A N/A Tokoroa3420
Lola Lee Hts N/A N/A Te Awamutu3800
Loloma Way N/A Wharewaka Taupo3330
Lomond Ave N/A N/A Tokoroa3420
London St N/A Hamilton Central Hamilton3204
London Tce N/A N/A Putaruru3411
Long Bay Rd 990 - 1601 N/A Coromandel3506
Long St N/A N/A Raglan3225
Long View Cres N/A N/A Otorohanga3900
Longfellow St N/A Leamington Cambridge3432
Longfellow St N/A N/A Te Aroha3320
Longford Crt N/A Forest Lake Hamilton3200
Longwood Pl N/A Harrowfield Hamilton3210
Loomb Pl N/A N/A Te Awamutu3800
Lorenzen Bay Rd N/A N/A Raglan3225
Lorimer Lane N/A Hillcrest Hamilton3216
Lorne St N/A Melville Hamilton3206
Lorne St N/A N/A Morrinsville3300
Lorne St N/A N/A Te Awamutu3800
Lorraine Pl N/A Glenview Hamilton3206
Louise Pl N/A Riverlea Hamilton3216
Lovell Ave N/A N/A Taupiri3721
Lovelock Pl N/A Chartwell Hamilton3210
Loveridge Pl N/A N/A Morrinsville3300
Lowe Ave N/A N/A Thames3500
Lowell Pl N/A Waipahihi Taupo3330
Lower Waikato Esp N/A N/A Ngaruawahia3720
Luberon Way N/A Nukuhau Taupo3330
Lucombe Pl N/A N/A Cambridge3434
Luff Pl N/A N/A Ngaruawahia3720
Lugton St N/A Nawton Hamilton3200
Lunn St N/A Arapuni Putaruru3415
Lusk St N/A N/A Te Kuiti3910
Lydiard Pl N/A Chartwell Hamilton3210
Lynbrae Crt N/A Nawton Hamilton3200
Lynden Crt N/A Chartwell Hamilton3210
Lynwood Pl N/A Chedworth Hamilton3210
Lyon St N/A Frankton Hamilton3204
Lyon St N/A Kihikihi Te Awamutu3800
Lysander Pl N/A Hillcrest Hamilton3216
Laburnum Grv N/A Maungaraki Lower Hutt5010
Laburnum Grv N/A N/A Waikanae5036
Ladbrooke Dr N/A Newlands Wellington6037
Lady Bell Grv N/A Lowry Bay Lower Hutt5013
Laery St N/A Melling Lower Hutt5010
Lagden St N/A Camborne Porirua5026
Laidlaw Way N/A Karori Wellington6012
Laings Rd N/A Hutt Central Lower Hutt5010
Lake View Crt N/A N/A Paraparaumu5032
Lakeside Vlls N/A Whitby Porirua5024
Lakewood Ave N/A Churton Park Wellington6037
Lakshmi Pl N/A Khandallah Wellington6035
Lambert Way N/A N/A Paraparaumu5032
Lambeth Rd N/A Northland Wellington6012
Lambley Rd N/A Titahi Bay Porirua5022
Lambton Qy N/A Wellington Central Wellington6011
Lamont Pl N/A N/A Waikanae5036
Lanark Way N/A Northland Wellington6012
Lancaster St N/A Karori Wellington6012
Lancewood Grv N/A Ranui Heights Porirua5024
Landcross St N/A Kelburn Wellington6021
Landfill Rd N/A Owhiro Bay Wellington6023
Landsdowne Tce N/A Karori Wellington6012
Lane Cres N/A Tawa Wellington5028
Lane St N/A Wallaceville Upper Hutt5018
Langdale Ave N/A N/A Paraparaumu5032
Langford St N/A Naenae Lower Hutt5011
Langwell Pl N/A Papakowhai Porirua5024
Lansdowne Cres N/A Lansdowne Masterton5810
Lanyon Pl N/A Whitby Porirua5024
Larch Grv N/A N/A Paraparaumu5032
Larchmont Grv N/A Totara Park Upper Hutt5018
Laredo Grv N/A Totara Park Upper Hutt5018
Larsen Cres N/A Tawa Wellington5028
Latham Rd N/A York Bay Lower Hutt5013
Latitude Cl N/A Whitby Porirua5024
Lauderdale Rd N/A Papakowhai Porirua5024
Laura Ave N/A Brooklyn Wellington6021
Laurel Grv N/A Maungaraki Lower Hutt5010
Laurent Pl N/A Kuripuni Masterton5810
Laurent Pl N/A Kingston Wellington6021
Lavaud St N/A Berhampore Wellington6023
Lavinia Grv N/A Waikanae Beach Waikanae5036
Lawrence St N/A Newtown Wellington6021
Lawson Pl N/A Mount Victoria Wellington6011
Leadley Lane N/A Tawa Wellington5028
Leanne Way N/A Waikanae Beach Waikanae5036
Leeds Pl N/A Solway Masterton5810
Leeds St N/A Te Aro Wellington6011
Lees Grv N/A Wainuiomata Lower Hutt5014
Leeward Dr N/A Whitby Porirua5024
Left Bank N/A Te Aro Wellington6011
Leicester St N/A Cannons Creek Porirua5024
Leigh Pl N/A Paraparaumu Beach Paraparaumu5032
Leighton Ave N/A Waiwhetu Lower Hutt5010
Leinster Ave N/A Raumati South Paraparaumu5032
Leithen St N/A Waterloo Lower Hutt5011
Lemnos Ave N/A Karori Wellington6012
Lemon St N/A N/A Otaki5512
Lemonwood Grv N/A Maungaraki Lower Hutt5010
Lennel Rd N/A Wadestown Wellington6012
Lenox Grv N/A Johnsonville Wellington6037
Leona Way N/A Paparangi Wellington6037
Lerwick Tce N/A Melrose Wellington6023
Lesley Grv N/A N/A Waikanae5036
Leslie St N/A Wadestown Wellington6012
Lethenty Way N/A Karori Wellington6012
Lett St N/A Lansdowne Masterton5810
Levant St N/A Cannons Creek Porirua5024
Leveson St N/A Strathmore Park Wellington6022
Levin Grv N/A Kelson Lower Hutt5010
Levina Ave N/A Aro Valley Wellington6021
Levy St N/A Mount Victoria Wellington6011
Lewer St N/A Karori Wellington6012
Lewisville Tce N/A Thorndon Wellington6011
Leybourne Ave N/A N/A Waikanae5036
Liardet St 1 - 93 Vogeltown Wellington6021
Liardet St 78 - 82 Berhampore Wellington6023
Liddel Grv N/A Island Bay Wellington6023
Liffey Cres N/A Island Bay Wellington6023
Liffey St N/A Island Bay Wellington6023
Lilac Lane N/A Maungaraki Lower Hutt5010
Lillian St N/A Belmont Lower Hutt5010
Lily Cl N/A Camborne Porirua5026
Limerick Grv N/A Ascot Park Porirua5024
Linacre Way N/A Tawa Wellington5028
Lincoln Ave N/A Epuni Lower Hutt5011
Lincoln Ave N/A Tawa Wellington5028
Lincoln Crt N/A N/A Paraparaumu5032
Lincoln Grv N/A Wainuiomata Lower Hutt5014
Lincoln Grv N/A Cannons Creek Porirua5024
Lincoln Rd N/A N/A Carterton5713
Lincoln Rd N/A N/A Masterton5810
Lincoln St N/A Brooklyn Wellington6021
Lincolnshire Rd N/A Horokiwi Wellington5016
Lindale Grv N/A Waikanae Beach Waikanae5036
Linden Ave N/A Tawa Wellington5028
Lindis Cl N/A Kelson Lower Hutt5010
Lindis Lane N/A Kelson Lower Hutt5010
Lindum Tce N/A Roseneath Wellington6011
Lingard Grv N/A Brooklyn Wellington6021
Link Rd N/A Newlands Wellington6037
Linwood Dr N/A N/A Paraparaumu5032
Linwood Way N/A Island Bay Wellington6023
Lion Crt N/A N/A Upper Hutt5018
Lipman St N/A Mount Victoria Wellington6011
Little Collins St N/A Tawa Wellington5028
Little George St N/A Thorndon Wellington6011
Little Pipitea St N/A Thorndon Wellington6011
Liverpool St N/A Trentham Upper Hutt5018
Liverpool St N/A Solway Masterton5810
Liverpool St N/A Miramar Wellington6022
Liverton Rd N/A Kelson Lower Hutt5010
Livet Pl N/A Papakowhai Porirua5024
Lloyd Pl N/A Paraparaumu Beach Paraparaumu5032
Loasby Cres N/A Newlands Wellington6037
Loasby Pl N/A N/A Greytown5712
Lochiel Rd N/A Khandallah Wellington6035
Lochy St N/A Petone Lower Hutt5012
Lockett St N/A Waterloo Lower Hutt5011
Lockwood Cres N/A Taita Lower Hutt5011
Lodestar Lane N/A Whitby Porirua5024
Lodge Dr N/A Paraparaumu Beach Paraparaumu5032
Lodge Pl N/A N/A Porirua5022
Logan St N/A Ebdentown Upper Hutt5018
Logie St N/A Stokes Valley Lower Hutt5019
Lohia St N/A Khandallah Wellington6035
Lombard St N/A Te Aro Wellington6011
Lomita Rd N/A Johnsonville Wellington6037
Lomond St N/A Newlands Wellington6037
London Rd N/A Korokoro Lower Hutt5012
Lone Tree Grv N/A Kelson Lower Hutt5010
Longcroft Tce N/A Newlands Wellington6037
Longfellow St N/A Trentham Upper Hutt5018
Longitude Pl N/A Whitby Porirua5024
Longmont Tce N/A Churton Park Wellington6037
Lonsdale Cres N/A Rongotai Wellington6022
Lookout Rd N/A Roseneath Wellington6021
Loongana St N/A Waitangirua Porirua5024
Lord St N/A Stokes Valley Lower Hutt5019
Lorien Crt N/A Raumati Beach Paraparaumu5032
Lorna Irene Dr N/A Raumati South Paraparaumu5032
Lorne St N/A Te Aro Wellington6011
Louis St N/A Trentham Upper Hutt5018
Louisa Grv N/A Waitangirua Porirua5024
Lower Main Dr N/A N/A Porirua5022
Lower North Tce N/A Kelburn Wellington6012
Lower Tyers Rd N/A Ngauranga Wellington6035
Lower Watt St N/A Wadestown Wellington6012
Lowes Pl N/A Solway Masterton5810
Lowry Cres N/A Stokes Valley Lower Hutt5019
Lowry Hts N/A Stokes Valley Lower Hutt5019
Luckie St N/A Tawa Wellington5028
Lucknow Tce N/A Khandallah Wellington6035
Ludlam Cres N/A Woburn Lower Hutt5010
Ludlam St N/A N/A Featherston5710
Ludlam St N/A Seatoun Wellington6022
Ludlam Way N/A N/A Otaki5512
Luff Pl N/A Whitby Porirua5024
Lukes Lane N/A Te Aro Wellington6011
Lupin Rd N/A N/A Otaki5512
Lupin Tce N/A Tawa Wellington5028
Luxford St N/A Berhampore Wellington6023
Lyall Pde N/A Lyall Bay Wellington6022
Lydia Way N/A Karori Wellington6012
Lydney Pl N/A N/A Porirua5022
Lynda Ave N/A Paparangi Wellington6037
Lyndfield Lane N/A Newlands Wellington6037
Lyndhurst Rd N/A Tawa Wellington5028
Lynmouth Ave N/A Karori Wellington6012
Lynn Rd N/A Te Aro Wellington6011
Lyon St N/A N/A Featherston5710
Lyons Cres N/A Strathmore Park Wellington6022
Lyster Lane N/A N/A Upper Hutt5018
Lyttelton Ave N/A N/A Porirua5022
Lytton St N/A Wadestown Wellington6012